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Have you ever felt let down by subpar vehicle repair shops with even worse customer service? You’ll find better with us. We call ourselves WeCare Automotive because we do just that, we care.

Making sure your car runs safe is important, but so are you. We want to take care of you by respecting your time, respecting you, and respecting your vehicle. We’ll solve your problems right the first time, and we’ve got decades of experience to back that claim.

Vehicle Diagnostics for the Right Solution

Finding the right solution means finding the right problem. We live by a simple and effective auto repair strategy:



We listen to your concerns to identify the heart of the issue.



Get an expert vehicle diagnosis, not just a shot in the dark.



We’ll come up with a repair quote that fits your budget.



Our experienced technicians will fix your car right!

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Looking for the best car repair in schenectady, New York?

You should never feel like you’ll be taken advantage of when looking for an auto repair shop. We value you more than just a repair order, so we’ll do everything we can to build that trust. From honest quotes and transparent diagnostics to our 2 year, 24,000 mile repair warranty, we’ve got your back!

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Unyielding Expertise

Since he was a child, Robert Kenney has been fixing cars. From being his neighborhoods’ teenage “Mr. Fix-It” to becoming a career professional mechanic, he’s focused on becoming the best of the best in driveability and vehicle diagnostics. Robert solves the tough problems, and is even the go-to guy for finding solutions that other shops just can’t.

Skip the anxiety
Let us take care of you (And your car)


No more dreading the repair shop. No more paying for the wrong repairs. No more worrying about your car’s safety. We know what it’s like to be let down and we don’t want that for you.

We care about putting your mind at ease by giving you a trusting, straightforward and pleasant vehicle repair experience. Let us set the bar for great customer service and confident results.