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New Tires and Tire Repairs in Schenectady, NY

Your tires are arguably the most important safety item on your car. At WeCare Auto Service, we take tires seriously.

New tires being installed at WeCare Auto Service in Schenectady, NY

New Tires

Tires shouldn’t be chosen solely by “will it fit?” and “does it fit the client’s budget?”

When choosing the correct tires for your vehicle it’s important to know:

  • What is the vehicle owner’s driving style?
  • What is the vehicle used for? (this is especially important for trucks)
  • Does the vehicle sit all winter while the owner is in Florida?
  • Are the tires the proper load range?
  • Are the tires the proper speed rating?
  • Does the driver prefer comfort or longevity over performance?
  • Does the driver have brand loyalty?

These are all important considerations when choosing the correct tire for a vehicle, or better yet, the correct tire for the driver.

We want to help you choose the tire that’s going to be best for you, and we’re happy to take the time to make sure we get it right.

Tire Repairs, Tire Balancing, and TPMS Service

A tire is as good as its weakest point. Often, the weakest point is a repair. We do tire repairs right.

Tire repair services include:

  • Patching holes
  • Balancing tires
  • TPMS repairs and service

The TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) light is one of the most common lights we see. Usually the problem is a failed TPMS sensor and it simply needs to be replaced or re-initialized. At times there are problems with antennas, wiring, or computers.

We can properly diagnose and repair your TPMS system.

For Tires and Tire Repairs, Think WeCare

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